System Platform

Weight 1.17kg (without camera)
  1.70kg (with camera)
Power Supply / Voltage DC 9 ~ 36 V
Power Consumption 3) 17 W without camera, 24W with SONY camera
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Data Storage 256GB USB, up to 1TB

Scanner Performance (based on Hesai Pandar XT32)

Laser Class Class 1 Eye Safe
Wavelength 905 nm
Operating Principle TOF 1)
Measurement Range 0.05 to 120 m
Field of View (Horizontal) 360°
Horizontal Resolution 0.09°(5Hz)
Field of View (Vertical) 31°(-16°~ +15°)
Vertical Resolution
Frame Rate 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz
Returns supported Single Return (Last, Strongest, First)
  Dual Returns
Max. Effective Measurement Rate 640,000 pts/ sec (single return)
1,280,000 pts/ sec (dual returns)
LiDAR Accuracy/ Precision 10 mm / 5mm
Point Cloud Precision 3-5cm  (dependent  on  LiDAR,  taken  on  the  same  target  @  50  m
Note: 1) Distance measurement: Time of Flight (TOF), distance to the object can be measured by calculating
the time between laser emission and receipt.

GNSS / IMU Performance

Positioning Accuracy (RMS) 0.5cm+1ppm (PPK)
  1cm+1ppm (RTK)
GNSS data rate Up to 100Hz
IMU data rate Up to 2000Hz
Roll & Pitch Accuracy <0.01°Pitch & Roll
Heading Accuracy <0.05°Heading

Optional Accessories

Camera RGB Camera
  Thermal Camera
DJI Skyport Adapter  
Vibration Isolator  
Antenna Mounts Aerial Mount for drone
  Vehicle Mount (Single/Dual ANT)