Signal Tracking:


GPS L1 C/A,L2C,L2P,L5 Serial ports: RS-232 x1, TTL x2
GLONASS L1 C/A, L2 C/A COM baud rate: Up to 921600bps
BeiDou  B1,B2,B3,support BDS-3 USB ports: USB 2.0 device x1
Galileo E1, E5a, E5b; CAN ports: ISO/DIS 11898 x1*
Qzss L1 C/A, L2C,L5 PPS ports: LVTTL x1
GNSS Channels: 576 Event mark: LVTTL x2
Single Point Positioning Accuracy (RMS): Ethernet: 10BaseT/100BaseTx1*(1)
- Horizontal: 1.5m *This port's function is related to firmware version.(1) Hardware of ethernet is ready, reserved for futureupgrade.
- Vertical: 3.0m
DGPS Positioning Accuracy (RMS):
- Horizontal: 0.25m

Electrical and Physical

- Vertical: 0.5m Input voltage: 3.45V DC
RTK Positioning Accuracy (RMS): Power consumption(typical): 3.6W
- Horizontal: 8mm+1ppm Dimension: 100x60x10.1mm
- Vertical: 15mm+1ppm Weight: 44g
High-Precision Static(RMS): lO connectors: 24pin header + 6pin header
- Horizontal: 2.5mm+0.1ppm Antenna Connector: MMCX female x1
- Vertical: 3.5mm+0.4ppm
Observation Accuracy (zenith direction):


- C/A Code: 10cm Operating temperature: -40°C~+75°C
- p Code: 10cm Storage temperature: -55°C~+85°C
- Carrier Phase: 1mm
Time To First Fix(TTFF):
 - Cold Start: <50s
- Warm Start: <30s
Reacquisition: <2s
Timing Accuracy(RMS): 20ns
Velocity Accuracy(RMS): 0.03m/s
Initialization (typical): <10s
Initialization Reliability: >99.9%
Correction: RTCM 2.x/3.x/CMR/CMR+
Data Output:  NMEA-0183 and Tersus Binary Format
Max.Update Rate: 20Hz
Storage: In-built 8GB memory